The Platform at a Glance

CORELine is a web-based application platform that has been developed in direct response to situations where project data is distributed across various departments—and even 3rd party environments—and must be collected, organized, reviewed, and understood before it becomes useful for the task at hand. CORELine provides a simple, flexible and convenient solution that serves as a foundation for the integration of dispersed information, the centralization of access to this information, and the visualization of these layers of information in context with each other.

The additional context provided by the CORELine environment enhances knowledge across an organization by combining information about assets, environment, the landscape and other project related details that can be tied to a location and serving them to the organization through a user-friendly internet map application. CORELine is designed to be flexible enough to support the management of information throughout an entire project lifecycle from planning through application, construction, operation, decommissioning and reclamation. The ability to access, query and cross-reference current information as it evolves during the project maximizes the value of the information and reduces duplication of information and expended efforts to find the “latest-greatest” version.

CORELine offers you a flexible platform on which task-tailored applications can be quickly deployed and integrated effectively leveraging your existing data investment. As well, the CORELine system has the ability to be integrated with many other spatial and aspatial systems in your organization further extending the value offered by the system and those 3rd party systems.


CORE GIS Mapping Engine
with CORELink Mobile

CORE GIS Mapping Engine (CORE) provides a single corporate repository for the storage and management of your geospatial information. This web-based GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping application, built with tried-and-true Javascript, allows any user with an internet connection and the appropriate security credentials to access the system with a browser enabled workstation. CORE is a secure application for real-time maps, inexpensive dissemination, personalized mapping content, distributed data sources, shared geographic databases, and more frequent and inexpensive upgrades of data and code. The web mapping services can be updated as new information becomes available and once published are updated for all users.

CORE is a foundation to build tools and Javascript applications upon, which results in quick access to accurate information. CORE improves the maintenance automation, regulatory compliance, land/crop management, life cycle management, and stakeholder public relations on an open platform. CORE uses GIS analysis management tools to facilitate informed decisions.

CORELink Mobile delivers direct, mobile access to the CORE GIS Mapping Engine. Designed specifically for mobile devices, CORELink Mobile smoothly delivers your content anytime and anywhere you go, agnostic of device, platform or operating system.

Would you like to see the CORE GIS and CORELink in action?

CommandPost – Emergency Response Planning

CommandPost—while initially developed for use within the Oil & Gas industry, focussing on pipeline operations—can be developed as a scalable solution that can be easily adapted for use in a wide range of industries, including Drilling, Mining, Forestry, Municipalities, Utilities, and more.

CommandPost provides the essentials for being able to initiate an incident (either real or training), monitor it, be assisted in contacting required contacts, and collect the data for doing the post-incident reporting. CommandPost allows you to visualize the incident location(s) and assets on a map component by displaying relevant contextual data such as pipeline, landowner data, and other available information.

Using CommandPost on a mobile device allows you to focus on the contacts, first-on-scene & initial size up scripts, and the map-based monitoring application with ticker-tape and news feed. It also allows you to manage contacts, assign roles and responsibilities, and create call lists.

LOID – Land Owner Information Database

What is LOID? What does it do?

LOID – Land Owner Information Database is a proprietary GIS database created by Polar Technology Solutions that simplifies Emergency Response Planning and Stakeholder notifications. The goal of LOID is to meet your regulatory requirements completely, quickly and efficiently.

LOID provides maps of all of the areas of a companies operation and links the maps with up-to-date landowner information. Owners are tracked based on the parcels they own and this data is continuously updated with data from the appropriate land titles office for the jurisdiction.

With LOID clients receive updates as required on new stakeholders that allow you to contact them shortly after any change. It also allows you to regularly communicate with ongoing stakeholders by mail and phone at a fraction of the cost of door-to-door visits required if the data were not kept up to date.

You also receive a map layer identifying all parcels in your calculated EPZ, which includes a unique ID code allowing quick reference to the stakeholder information. You receive detailed legal land descriptions and the names and addresses for the land owners. The maps can be uploaded easily into GPS software for real-time viewing and referencing.

Uses for LOID

  • Ability to instantaneously select areas around company assets on a real time map and view all of the land owners in the area that need notification in the event of emergency or changes on the site.
  • Automates the process of maintaining your stakeholder information database.
  • Improves the accuracy of database information with continuous updates.
  • Links Emergency Response Plans to maps and makes them accessible in the field.
  • Provides instantaneous access to land owner information where-ever you have web access.
  • Improving you companies image and professionalism with land owners.
  • Real time viewing of land owner maps and data in GPS applications.

Full Hosted and Secure!

The CORELine Platform is based on the rock solid and proven foundation of ArcGIS from ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute).

As it is sold as a service, there is no costly or difficult software to install on your computers or servers. We’ll take care of all your hardware requirements and specifications, and all you need is an internet connection.

For more details, read our Service Level Agreement.

Fully Hosted and Secure!

Fully Hosted and Secure!

For more details, read our Service Level Agreement.