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Reality is, that you spend a great deal of time and resources complying with regulatory requirements that can prove to be complex, time consuming and labor intensive. Polar Technology Solutions can help. Our promise to you is Industry Compliance, Simplified!

Armed with a combination of state of the art GIS tools and an in-depth knowledge of government regulatory requirements, our highly trained and service driven team delivers the most efficient compliance based software solutions. Our proprietary LOID (Land Owner Information Database) software is recognized as a leading edge tool that provides fast, more complete and more accurate stakeholder information at a lower cost than traditional methods.

With this in mind, we’re very proud to introduce the CORELine™ Platform.


Welcome to the CORELine™ Platform

CORELine is a web-based application platform that supports situations where project data is distributed across various departments—and even 3rd party environments—and must be collected, organized, reviewed, and understood before it becomes useful for the task at hand. CORELine provides a simple, flexible, yet completely integrated solution that serves as a foundation for the integration of dispersed information, the centralization of access to this information, and the visualization of these layers of information in context with each other.

Developed on top of our patented LOID database, CORELine is the next generation robust suite of enterprise scale applications—CORE GIS Mapping Engine, CORELink Mobile and CommandPost. The CORELine platform is a fully hosted and managed solution, designed to be platform and device agnostic, using technology industry best practices and standards. CORELine delivers your content in real-time.

CORE GIS Mapping Engine, a Geographic Information System mapping application, provides a single corporate repository for the storage and management of your geospatial information …

CORELink Mobile delivers direct, mobile access to the CORE GIS Mapping Engine, smoothly delivering your content anytime and anywhere you go, agnostic of device, platform or operating system …

CommandPost ERP Incident Manager can initiate an incident (real or training), monitor it, connect with required contacts, and collect the data for doing the post-incident reporting …

Meet your Regulatory Requirements using LOID—Land Owner Information Database. Our proprietary GIS database, simplifies Emergency Response Planning and Stakeholder Notifications …

Ready to learn more about the CORELine™ Platform?

Our Services

Our Services

Communication Planning, Data Acquisition and Conversion, Emergency Response, GIS Systems, Stakeholder Notifications and more.


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Our Support

Our Support Services are designed to give client users access to information and support from the people that designed, developed and deployed their solutions.


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Careers @ Polar

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